Release for May 2, 2017: New search builder

We’ve made it easier to compose searches in DISCO. Using our new and improved Search Builder, you can easily find all of DISCO’s supported search syntax and visualize your search query as you build it. Plus, we’ve integrated help to give you contextual clues to find the exact documents you’re looking for.

DISCO’s new Search Builder assists novice DISCO searchers by making it simple to identify search fields and compile them into a complex search. While search pros who already know Westlaw/LexisNexis like the back of their hand will appreciate the accessibility of the search language and the ability to see nested search groups. After building your search string, DISCO will convert your search into textual syntax and place it within the search bar.



Please read the New Search Builder User Guide to read step-by-step instructions on how to configure search strings using the improved Search Builder. Here is a link to DISCO’s Search Manual for your reference as well. DISCO's enhanced search builder is available to all new matters created on or after 05/02/2017.

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