Release for June 13, 2017: Conversation browser with inclusive email identification

We have enhanced our new Conversations Browser in the Standard Document Viewer! Reviewers can now visualize and navigate through a conversation thread, understanding WHO replied to WHAT and WHEN. Threading allows attorneys to review a whole conversation, noting missing portions and making more informed decisions about their documents.

DISCO has now taken email threading technology to the next level with the introduction of Inclusive Emails. Inclusive refers to emails that contain unique content NOT included in any other email from the same conversation. The ability to identify and review inclusive emails means attorney’s eliminate documents that contain duplicative content and save on review time.

When a document is part of an email conversation, DISCO will display related emails within the Conversation Browser. Conversations are found within the Coding Panel of the Document Viewer, under Related Documents.


To navigate within an email thread, click on Conversation and DISCO will expand to display all parts of the conversation including replies, forwards, and missing emails.   

DISCO will further visually connect forwards and replies within the email thread using lines to the left of the emails.

Use the Hide Attachments button to show attachments within the thread.

Hover over a particular email within a thread to display additional metadata.

In addition to seeing the attachments within the thread, you can see links to Attachments at the bottom of the conversation thread.

DISCO allows users to add or remove tags to individual emails and attachments, full conversations or even limit tagging to inclusive emails quickly and easily. To open the DISCO Conversation Tagging Tool, click on the tag icon at the top of the email conversation.  

Use the checkboxes to the left of emails and attachments to select which documents you want to add or remove tags from. Quickly select a group of documents within the thread by clicking on the drop-down arrow at the top of the thread.


In order to ensure that attorneys can review their documents in a logical and efficient manner, DISCO identifies Inclusive Emails. Again, inclusive emails contain unique content NOT found in other email messages within the thread.   

For example, let’s say John and Tom have a back and forth email conversation in which they keep all the prior email messages within the body of their replies. The last email within this thread would be identified as Inclusive because it would be the only email within the thread that had the last piece of the conversation. If, in the middle of this email conversation, Tom forwarded the email to Sally for review, that email would also be identified as Inclusive because it would have information regarding the forwarding that would not be included in John and Tom’s back and forth email messages. 


Inclusive emails are clearly denoted in the email Conversation display with a Blue Star to the left of the email information.

In addition to being able to view conservations and inclusive emails within the Document Viewer, conversation counts and identification of inclusive emails can be viewed in DISCO’s Custom Columns.

Conversations and inclusive emails can be used to create Review Stages. Turn on the Keep conversation together toggle to ensure that batches include complete conversations. Use the Inclusive emails and all attachments and their parents to limit your batch to ONLY inclusive emails and any emails within the conversation that have attachments. DISCO’s improved batching capabilities will expedite reviews by eliminating documents with duplicative content and increase efficiency by ensuring that conversation are batched together.

Finally, you can limit search results to show only the most inclusive emails. Open Search Filters and select Inclusive emails only under Document Properties to limit your search. You can also use the search syntax IsInclusive(true) to narrow your search.


The Conversations Browser is available to all new databases created on or after January 10, 2017. The Inclusive Emails feature is available on all new databases created on or after June 13, 2017.  

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