Release for July 11, 2017: Naming, searching, and copying productions

DISCO already has one of the fastest, most intuitive production tools on the market. Now we have enhanced our production functionality with the ability to copy prior production formats ensuring consistency across production volumes. Additionally, users can now name each production and search by production name.

To access the production interface, go to Menu > Produce > Productions.  Here you will see a list of all prior DISCO productions. To create a new production click Create New.


In previous versions of DISCO, productions were automatically named to reflect the Bates Range.  Now you can either allow DISCO to name your production by number in sequential order (Production 1, Production 2) or choose your own name by typing into the Name box.


Let’s say you have to run a third production to Plaintiff’s and want to keep the same formatting as the previous productions. First, create a new production and name it “Third Production to Plaintiffs”.  

Then click on Copy format from a previous production. A list of all prior production names and bates ranges will be displayed in reverse chronological order based on the production creation date. In this instance you will select the “Second Production to Plaintiffs (ENRON0001118 - ENRON0001425) from the list.


DISCO will update all the formatting options to reflect the formatting of the previous production you selected. Copied formatting includes:

  • Bates prefix and numbering
  • Confidentiality stamps
  • Any selections made in the Advanced Production options.

For more information on DISCO Advanced Production Options click Here

Notice in the screenshot below that DISCO auto populated the Bates information to show the next available Bates number for the ENRON prefix. Even if you did not select the last production in that series to copy but instead choose the “First Production to Plaintiffs”, DISCO knows that another production using that same prefix exists and will go to the next available Bates number.


Just as in previous versions, you can still use the Search for produced documents link to search for all documents in a particular production.  However, now you can also use Production Names to create search syntax to run in DISCO.

To use the production name in a search string start by typing out the word “production” followed by the production name in quotes and parenthesis. Example: production("FIRST PRODUCTION TO SEC"). This will return all of the documents included in that production set.


Copying prior production formats and production naming enhancements will be available to all new databases created on or after July 11, 2017.

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