Release for May 31, 2015: New self-serve uploading for data ingests

DISCO engineers have just implemented a new “Self-Serve Uploading” capability for ingesting data of less than 10GB to our software as service platform.  Instead of sending collected data to DISCO via an ftp connection and then filling out a form, you can now upload data yourself, directly through the DISCO solution interface.  Litigation support professionals, in particular, will appreciate the ease and added control this new functionality gives them in getting data into our platform.   Here’s how it works.

Using the Ingest Natives button in the DISCO interface as shown in the screenshot here,  users can easily drag and drop (or browse to) a zip file containing files they want to add to a database.  This puts you in complete control of the uploading process and lets you monitor the progress of the upload in real time.

The default mode lets you easily upload files for a single custodian.  Simply drag a zip file containing any documents you want to add; select either a new, existing or unknown custodian; and click the upload button.   Users also have the option to name an upload (ingest) and/or add a tag or tags to all the documents inside the zip file.

It’s simple to add files for multiple custodians by creating a folder per custodian inside the zip file. We try to automatically match the name of the folder with the name of an existing custodian, but as in the single custodian mode, you can always create a new one.

When you’ve submitted your files, we'll run the upload, ingest data in the background, and let you know via a notification when it's finished.

Easily keep track of your upload/ingest sessions

DISCO users can also view a list of all the upload/ingest sessions that have occurred for a specific database. You can generate a report for all ingests, or only selected ones, with the simple click of a button.

From the list, you can choose a specific upload or ingest and a pop-up card will show you key information about that specific ingest and all the documents added.   You can also download a detailed report with details/errors if you want.

Bottom line; DISCO’s new Self-Serve Upload capability makes the entire data uploading process easier while giving you complete control in monitoring the ingest and getting an immediate report on the results.  The new upload functionality is available immediately thanks to our software as a service continuous deployment model.  Be sure to contact DISCO Support with any questions you may have.

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