How do I add a new user?

If you are an Admin user within the matter, under the Manage menu, click Users. This screen allows you to create a new user, edit existing users, or delete users. To create a new user, click Create New. From the Create New User dialog, enter the user's email address and access level (see below). The new user will immediately receive an email with login instructions.


Access Levels

There are three access levels in DISCO:

  • Admin: The admin role may complete all actions in DISCO.
  • Reviewer: The reviewer may complete searches, complete batch actions such as mass tag and exhibit sets, and produce documents from DISCO as well as review documents inside and outside of the new Workflow feature. Reviewers, however, do not have access to setup Workflow stages nor to manage stages.
  • Restricted Reviewer: The restricted reviewer does not have access to the usual DISCO features of search, batch actions, and productions. They only have access to the stages for which they have been assigned. In the document viewer, restricted reviewers will have access to view related documents (such as families, conversations, and similar documents). However, if a related document is not in one of their assigned batches, the restricted reviewer will not be able to perform any action on the document; they will only be able to view these related documents in the context of their review.

*Please read Permissions - Users & Roles for all matters created on or after February 7, 2017. 

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