What does a user see if they don't have permissions?

What a user sees if they don't have permissions

If a user is assigned to a role which limits areas of the application or actions, they will see a lock icon or other messaging to inform them that they do not have access to that feature.

For example, if a role does not have permission to access term highlights, users assigned to that role would see the Term Highlights portion of the main menu is unclickable and has a lock symbol to the left.


Additionally, if a user does not have permission to access particular actions in the document viewer, those actions will be disabled and unclickable, with a lock symbol to the right of the action.


If you see this lock symbol next to an action, view, or option after logging into your DISCO database, you are assigned a role that does not have full permissions in relation to that action, view, or option. This can only be changed by someone who is a review database or organization administrator.

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