Truncation, fuzzy, and proximity search examples

DISCO strips out most punctuation from a search query and therefore does not recognize hyphens. For example, you would receive the same search results if you were to search "re-do" or "redo". However performing a truncation, fuzzy, or proximity search will give you different results.

To perform a truncation, fuzzy, or proximity search, use the following syntax.




Truncation (!)


A truncation search will give results for all versions of root word endings. Here, the word contract or any word that begins with contract (e.g., contracts, contracting, contractually, etc.).

Fuzzy (~)


A fuzzy search is a command that calls up results that contain minor spelling variations. Here, the word guaranty, or words similar to guaranty, like guarantee or garanty. Similarity is between 0 and 1 and defaults to 0.5. You can set this directly after the tilda. ex. guaranty~0.8.

Proximity (/#)

contract /10 signed

A proximity search will yield results of certain terms or phrases within a defined range of wordcount. Here, the word contract within 10 words of the word signed.

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