Data Transfer - How do I ingest new matters/new data into DISCO?

Depending on the size of the data set, you may either transmit the files to us physically or electronically. Rule of thumb: if you are sending us around/less than 100GB of data, use the FTP method.


First, complete a New Matter Form (NMF). Then, we will email you FTP username and password once the NMF has been submitted. Use these credentials with an FTP (file transfer protocol) software to upload the files. We recommend you download and use WinSCP.


First, complete a New Matter Form. Then, if you are sending us around/more than 100GB of data, you will need to mail it physically to our offices via an external hard drive. Address your parcel to:

ATTN: New Data
4400 Post Oak Parkway
Suite 2700
Houston, TX 77027

 NOTE: If you are ADDING data to an already existing matter, please fill out an 'Add Data to an Existing Matter' form.

It is helpful to know what the physical media looks like for correct ingestion (e.g. color, brand of the external hard drive, etc


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