Finding parent documents

Parent documents are either the parent email to an email attachment or the parent document of an embedded document (e.g., an Excel spreadsheet embedded in a PowerPoint presentation). 

Click the Family dropdown to list all parent documents of the current document. In this example, the current document has one parent email. The following information is displayed for each parent: filename, custodian, author, creation and modification dates, the parent email(s), and any tags.

Family navigation is only available for databases with this feature in crawl. With family navigation, you can navigate parent and child relationships without losing your place. In the Related documents section, hover over the documents in the Family section to see details about that document. Click the document to navigate to it or use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + up/down to navigate to the next or previous document.


By default, when you tag a parent document, all of the parent's children (e.g. attachments) are tagged. The inverse is not true; when you tag an attachment, the parent is not tagged.

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