Viewing document history

Tagging history

To see the history of a specific tag, hover over it in the tag box. You’ll see who added the tag, how the tag was applied (in the document viewer, via mass tagging, etc.), and when the tag was added.


All History

To see a history of all the activity performed on a document, click the See history button in the top panel of the document viewer.


Historical activity is broken up into two categories: Important changes and Everything else:

Important changes

  • adding/removing tags

  • adding/removing redactions

  • producing the document

Everything else

  • viewing the document

  • adding/editing a document note

  • adding/editing a privilege note

  • batch printing a document

  • when another instance (duplicate) of this document is ingested

  • when a production is deleted and the document was a part of the production

  • downloading the document 

Permissions for history

In order to see any of the information on this page, you must have the View document history permissions toggled on. See Managing users, roles, and permissions in a review database for more information.

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