Metadata - What is metadata?

There are metadata and custom fields in the bottom left hand side of the document viewer screen that display information about the document. When searching, you can search on the metadata term as with any other term. For example custodian("Ken Lay") would search for the metadata where Ken Lay was the custodian.

When on the document review screen, the data will show in the review screen under the “metadata” section of the left sidebar. These fields include the following:

Data Fields

Doc ID the unique DISCO ID for each document; assigned randomly
Pages number of pages for that document
Custodian person from whose hard drive or hardware the data was collected
Bates Number stamps used to track specific pages, documents and electronic files through the litigation process. The metadata will show both bates numbers from a load file (outside system) or from DISCO productions.
Author when not an email, all other document types show the author of the document
Created when not an email, all other document types show the created date
Last Modified when not an email, all other document types show the date last modified

sender of email

To recipient of email
Sent Date sent date of the email
Path path of original retrieved located on hard drive or hardware from which data was collected. If there are multiple instances of the document, you will see each individual instance listed under the path.
Custom Fields if you have requested custom fields during ingest (such as box number etc.), these will appear in the metadata.
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