How do I sort my search results?

The ‘sort’ select box on the search results screen allows you to sort on a variety of fields.

 Here are the sort by options:

  • BatesNumber
  • Custodian
  • Date
  • Family
  • Path
  • ReferenceID
  • Relevance
  • Subject
  • Type

Here is how our sort works:

a) Sort By > Date sorts on the last modified date of the document.

b) Sort By > Family sorts by the Family Date which is keyed off the last modified date of the parent. For example, the user may select the family sort to have attachments directly follow their parent in the search results (if both the parent and child match the search criteria). 

c) For documents that have no date, DISCO populates a date of 12/31/0000 (Last date of the year 0). These entries float to the top of the sort.

Note: for databases created on or after 04/04/2017, please read New Sort Options!


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