Editing tags

Answer: Once a tag has been created, you may not edit the tag name. Instead, create a replacement tag as follows:

  1. Create a new, replacement tag by going to SETUP > Tags > Add new tag...
  2. Run a search on the old tag (use the syntax tag("sample name")). From the results, choose Tag.

  3. Update the documents by applying the new tag to the documents and removing the old tag from the documents
  4. Finally, delete the old tag by going into Manage > Tags and delete the old tag.

Tag Naming Best Practices

If possible, we recommend that you do not add special characters to your tag names. Instead you alphanumeric characters.

When tags are created, they are automatically assigned a keyboard shortcut. Tag shortcuts are in the format of SHIFT + [Letter] (i.e. hold down the shift key, and type a single letter). The letter will generally be the first letter of the tag name (if the first letter is already in use, this defaults to a subsequent letter in the tag name, or any unused letter or number if necessary). The shortcuts for each tag are shown in the tag menu in the document viewer. Keyboard shortcuts will only be assigned for the first 36 tags created (26 letters + 10 numerical digits).

Administrators and reviewers may also override DISCO assigned shortcut using Custom Tag Shortcuts feature on the Tag Groups page. Using Custom Tag Shortcuts, specify which shortcuts you want to use to apply each tag.

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