Searching a file path

For how to filter your document list by file path, see Using search filters.

To search on the path of a document or folder(s), use the following search syntax:

  1. path("path name here")
  2. folderpath("folder name here") - new databases after 02/15/16 will use this syntax to search for the partial folder path of a document
  3. folder("folder name here") - new databases after 02/15/16 will use this syntax to search for the DISCO folder.

If you want to filter your document list by file path, see Using search filters.


Path Search

Path is stored as a case-insensitive “keyword”. As a result, path will always have zero or one value per document. In other words, when you search the path(), your content within the parentheses should be an exact or a wildcarded match to the path as it was provided to DISCO (with the exception that the search is case-insensitive). Otherwise the system will give you zero results. For example:

path("/albert_meyers_000_1_1.pst/meyers-a/ExMerge - Meyers, Albert/Sent Items/FW FW Laid-Off A No Nothing Production.msg")

will return documents with the exact path as provided above (case insensitive). Make sure to start your path with a forward slash"/". On the other hand:


Notice the wildcard "!" at the end. This search will return documents whose path begins with /albert_meyers_000_1_1.pst.

FolderPath Search

Folder is broken up into the elements of the path and those elements get stored separately. When you search for a folder, you will return the parent folder as well as all of its child folders. For example:

folderpath("/albert_meyers.pst/ExMerge - Meyers, Albert/Sent Items/sample-contract.msg")

would be rewritten as:

folderpath("albert_meyers.pst” OR “ExMerge - Meyers, Albert” OR “Sent Items” OR “sample-contract.msg")

The results will contain documents in folders which match any of the four conditions. Folder search works with wildcards as well.


will return documents where any of the folderpath elements (separated by “/”) starts with albert_meyers.pst.

 What NOT To Do:

A word of warning: for the folder query (and only for the folder query), DISCO replaces the slashes with spaces. Therefore, when using the wildcard "!", be careful to NOT place the exclamation point "!" after a slash"/". For example:


When you put the exclamation point "!" after the slash "/" --as you see here-- DISCO will return the ENTIRE database of documents [e.g. DISCO would search folderpath("albert_meyers.pst OR !”)].


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