Creating new tags

Note: Each review database can only have 1,024 tags. No more than that can be created.

How to Create New Tags 

Tags and Tag Groups can be viewed, created and modified from the Tag Management Screen.  To access this screen go to MENU > SETUP > Tags.

Manage Tags

Here, you may add tags or tag groups for use in tagging documents in the database. Documents tagged with privilege tags will be automatically added to the privilege log, and the privilege tags will appear in red throughout the DISCO interface.

Click in the box "Add new tag..." or "Add new group" and start typing -- press enter to create the tag or the group.

Tag groups allow related tags to be grouped together, so that the reviewer can see tags organized by group in the tag picker and easily choose the right tag.

When tags are created, they are automatically assigned a keyboard shortcut. Tag shortcuts are in the format of SHIFT + [Letter or Digit] (i.e., hold down the shift key, and type a single letter or numerical digit). The letter will generally be the first letter of the tag name (if the first letter is already in use, this defaults to a subsequent letter in the tag name, or any unused letter or number if necessary). The shortcuts for each tag are shown in the tag menu in the document viewer. Keyboard shortcuts will only be assigned for the first 36 tags created (26 letters + 10 numerical digits).

Administrators and reviewers may also override DISCO assigned shortcut using Custom Tag Shortcuts feature on the Tag Groups page. Using Custom Tag Shortcuts, specify which shortcuts you want to use to apply each tag.

Create Tags On-The-Fly

You may also create tags directly from the document review screen. This will allow you to quickly create new tags as you view documents without needing to leave the document viewer. Simply place your cursor in the tagging pane and begin typing the name of a tag, as you would usually do, to locate an existing tag. If the tag does not already exist, DISCO will give you the option to create a new tag and assign it to a tag group. This capability is available for users with the role(s) of administrator or reviewer. A restricted reviewer may not add a new tag on-the-fly

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