Using search helpers or examples

Click on the search box to expand the search helpers.

Search Builder

The first search helper on the far left, Search Builder helps you build search syntax quickly, using the following selections:

Custodian a list of custodians with the number of documents in the database that belong to the custodian.
Document Type a list of doc. types in the system with the number of documents in the DB of that file type.
Tag a list of tags in the system and number of documents assigned to each tag.
Email Domain email domains within the dataset and number of documents containing emails sent to, from, or CCed for that particular domain.
Date search by a single date or a date range.
Bates Numbers a serialized number attached to the bottom of document pages that uniquely identifies the page in a production set. You can search for a single Bates number or a Bates range.
Document Field author, filename, folder, path, to, from, CC, subject, or reference ID.
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