What is an assignment? How can I set one up?

Assignments allow you assign documents to one or more users for review. By default, once a document has been tagged, it leaves the assignment. To view an assignment, you must:

  • Be an assignee/ assigned user
  • Access the assignment from the search bar

Click on the search bar to expand the search helpers. From here, click on the assignment to bring up all of the documents in that assignment. Now you may begin reviewing and tagging documents within that assignment.

Create a New Assignment

To create a new assignment, click Assignments in the admin (hamburger) menu. Then, click Create New Assignment.

Next, give the assignment a descriptive name, and choose whether you want to include all documents in the database in the assignment, or just a particular search. If assigning by search is chosen, enter your search query (click Run Search to test the search). Click Save to create the assignment.

Once the assignment has been created, click on the assignment in the list to assign users to the assignment by clicking on the "Add Users" button. You may also track the percentage tagged of the entire assignment from the Admin screen.

*Please read Review Stages if you have a matter created on or after 12/18/2015. Instead of Assignments, you will use DISCO's Review Stages to create a structured review.

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