Navigating the document viewer with keyboard shortcuts

Navigate through documents in a particular set of search results by clicking on the arrows at the top left corner of the document viewer page. Note also that the icon on the upper right  will open a separate window with the search results, which will then synchronize with the viewer (allowing for navigation on the search results). 

When reviewing a document, you can also use the following keyboard shortcuts during document navigation:

  • Left/right arrow: Moves to the next or previous document in the search results
  • Up/down arrow: Moves the document scrollbar up or down
  • Escape: Close the document viewer and return to search results
  • Shift + [letter/number]: Keyboard shortcut for tagging (these can be changed in users in the Manage > Tag section in the DISCO masthead).
    • Currently, tagging shortcuts are only applied to the first 36 tags created. If one of the first 36 tags is deleted, a subsequent tag that previously did not have a keyboard shortcut will NOT get a shortcut in place of the deleted tag.
  • Shift + up/down arrow: Navigate to the next or previous email in a conversation
  • Ctrl + F: Find words within phrases within documents

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