Navigating the document viewer with keyboard shortcuts

Navigate through documents in a particular set of search results by clicking on the arrows at the top left corner of the document viewer page. Note also that the icon on the upper right doc-viewer-new-tab.png will open a separate window with the search results, which will then synchronize with the viewer (allowing for navigation on the search results). 


When reviewing a document, you can also use the following keyboard shortcuts during document navigation:

  • Left/right arrow: Moves to the next or previous document in the search results
  • Up/down arrow: Moves the document scroll bar up or down
  • Escape: Close the document viewer and return to search results
  • Shift + [letter/number]: Keyboard shortcut for tagging (these can be changed in the SETUP > Tag section on the DISCO home page).
    • Currently, tagging shortcuts are only applied to the first 36 tags created. If one of the first 36 tags is deleted, a subsequent tag that previously did not have a keyboard shortcut will NOT get a shortcut in place of the deleted tag.
  • Shift + up/down arrow: Navigate to the next or previous email in a conversation
  • Ctrl + F: Find words within phrases within documents

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