03/31/15: Batch print, document history

We’ve recently delivered several enhancements to our DISCO e-discovery solution that I want to share with our users.  It’s a great example of how we utilize our “legal DNA” to simplify and improve the e-discovery experience of our customers. It’s because our engineering staff spends a considerable amount of time understanding how a lawyer actually uses our service.

Batch Printing

Our busy litigation users will be happy to know that DISCO has just added a much requested batch printing capability. Batch Printing gives lawyers and other users the ability to generate a print-ready PDF (or series of PDFs) of a group of documents. Much like mass tagging, you can print documents from a search or individually selected docs via the check boxes in the search results.

Batch Print Cover Sheets

Cover sheets will automatically be inserted into your batch print set to easier tell when one document ends and the next begins. 

When "All documents together" is selected when setting up your batch print, cover sheets stamped with the following data will be included:

  • Version to use, 'Original' - DISCO document ID will be stamped on each cover sheet
  • Version to use, 'Original stamped with DISCO ID' - DISCO document ID will be stamped on each cover sheet.
  • Version to use, 'Bates prefix' - The selected bates prefix with the corresponding bates number will be stamped on each cover sheet.

Document History

Next, DISCO e-discovery now gives you the ability to quickly see the actions that have been performed on an item through our Document History feature.  Document History tells you who did what to your documents such as who tagged a specific matter, and who redacted this particular document. We launched the new "See History" action in our doc viewer on March 7, 2015.

Posted by Kent Radford on Mar 17th, 2015

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