How to download a single document

Download Image

There are two ways to download the document directly from the doc viewer to your local machine. First, if you would like to download the PDF version of the document (one that is unstamped and does not show redactions) or a specific produced version of the document (produced from DISCO, with a Bates stamp and any redactions) choose the left sidebar option “Download Image”. Downloading a Bates stamped version of the document is akin to downloading a historical snapshot of the document at the point in time when it was produced. Therefore, if you have added redactions after the production, the redactions will not show.

Download Original

Second, if you would like to download the original document (exactly as it was presented to DISCO) choose “Download Original”. This is most often used in the situation where you are completing review and cannot manipulate or view the file format within the DISCO user interface (UI) because it is not a supported/unknown file type. Often, if your browser supports playing a file format (video, audio), then the UI will allow for the document to be played. However, if the file format is a certain file type (such as excel), you will need to download the original document to be able to manipulate the fields and formulas within the document.

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