Producing a privilege log

Documents get added to the privilege log in one of two ways: by adding a privilege tag or by adding a redaction. Just adding a privilege note does not add the document into the privilege log.

Traditionally, the privilege log is put together manually --- going through each document and filling out the appropriate info. DISCO does this step automatically whenever a privilege note or a redaction is added to the document.

To review and download a privilege log, navigate to the top menu PRODUCE > Privilege Log.

Likewise, you can see the privilege log download history by going to the top menu MATTER > Reports.

Here, it shows you how many privilege log downloads have been completed thus far in your database. After clicking on “privilege logs” left sidebar text, the results grid displays when the privilege log download was completed (T minus time elapsed), the sort order chosen, and if the log included redacted documents. 

The privilege log is a snapshot at a point in time; if changes are made in the database, you will need to run a new log. Also, there is no history kept on a document. Therefore, if there once was a redaction on a document, and said redaction and all forms of privilege notes/tags are removed, the document will be removed from any future logs.

The log columns include: review ID, reference ID (custom), privilege type (privilege tag(s) applied), privilege note, has redaction (y/n), redaction reason, document type, custodian, primary date (send date or last modified), from, to, cc, bcc, subject. We do not include author, creation date, or any other custom field such as document note, Bates number(s), custom metadata, etc.

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