Producing native files

You can specify which imageable documents should be produced as natives (with slipsheets) instead of images. CAD and Excel files, while are usually imageable in DISCO, are produced as natives by default, though these options can be changed. Other imageable file types can also be produced as natives (for example, if you want to produce PowerPoint documents as natives instead of images). Again, natives will never be produced of documents that are redacted (unless the Omit redactions option is selected). By default, DISCO will produce the following five file types in their native format:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • CAD
  • Excel
  • Unknown

To override this default when creating a production, on the New Production page, in the Advanced options section, in the Document format dropdown, select Native with Slipsheet (unless redacted). Excel spreadsheets that were imaged in DISCO will now be produced as images for this production.



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