Release for December 18, 2015: Review Stages

DISCO “Review Stages” is an elegant solution to manage a large set of reviewers, organize, and convert a pool of unknown documents to a pool of known, reviewed documents that may be used in litigation.

Review Stages Features

Review manager can create, manage and monitor large doc review projects:

  • Create stages and assign it to reviewers
  • Configure batches within stages
  • Create custom decision pane for each stage, including actions such as redaction, privilege notes, doc notes, and tags
  • Group batches based custodian, doc type, source, ingest session
  • Define multiple sources
  • Monitor progress on stages, groups and batches
  • Assign reviewers to specific groups

Reviewers and contract reviewers can:

  • View and manage their assigned batches
  • Check out batches within stages
  • Attach redactions, priv notes, doc notes and tags to documents based on configuration decision pane
  • View doc metadata for more context

*If you are interested in using Review Stages, check for it in your next case under the "Manage" menu, as Workflow is now enabled for all new databases created on or after December 18th, 2015. If you have a database created on or after February 7th, 2017, Review Stages is located MENU > WORKFLOW. Please contact with any questions.

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