Using batch print for interoffice communication (Legacy databases)

Our busy litigation users will be happy to know that DISCO recently added a much-requested batch printing capability. Batch printing gives lawyers and other users the ability to generate a print-ready PDF (or series of PDFs) of a group of documents. Much like mass tagging, you can print documents from a search or individually selected documents via checkboxes in the search results.

What’s New
Before litigation begins, you want a way to internally send and refer to documents. However, documents have yet to be labeled with a Bates stamp. The new features lets you stamp and identify documents using the batch print version “Original stamped with DISCO ID”.



If the “Original stamped with DISCO ID” is chosen, DISCO will export the near-native document with a stamp on the lower right corner that reads "[Doc ID] [Page Number]". For example, "DISCO ID 7-23".

Batch Print Cover Sheets

Cover sheets will automatically be inserted into your batch print set to easier tell when one document ends and the next begins. 

When "All documents together" is selected when setting up your batch print, cover sheets stamped with the following data will be included:

  • Version to use, 'Original' - DISCO document ID will be stamped on each cover sheet
  • Version to use, 'Original stamped with DISCO ID' - DISCO document ID will be stamped on each cover sheet.
  • Version to use, 'Bates prefix' - The selected bates prefix with the corresponding bates number will be stamped on each cover sheet.

NOTE: To batch print emails with attachments, you must have both the emails and the attachments selected from the search results, or results of your search query.

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