Organizing tags in groups


Tags are setup in DISCO under the top menu SETUP > Tags.

On the admin screen, tags are organized into Tag Groups. By default, tag groups are in alphabetical order. Drag-and-drop the tag group into the order in which you would like it to appear in the document viewer. Similarly, tags are, by default, ordered alphabetically within each tag group. If you would like a different order, drag-and-drop the tag into the order which you prefer.

Document Viewer

When viewing tag groups and tags within a document, you will see tags in the top left-hand corner of the screen when you click on the box labeled "click or type to add a tag". Tags are nested within the tag groups as seen below. DISCO keeps your tags in alphabetical order, both on the ‘SETUP’ > ‘Tags’ page and in the document viewer.

(Alphabetic Ordering of tags in the Document Viewer and the Tag Management Screen only applies to databases created on or after 10/24/16)

Hot Keys

When tags are created, they are automatically assigned a keyboard shortcut. Tag shortcuts are in the format of SHIFT + [Letter] (i.e. hold down the shift key, and type a single letter). The letter will generally be the first letter of the tag name (if the first letter is already in use, this defaults to a subsequent letter in the tag name, or any unused letter or number if necessary). The shortcuts for each tag are shown in the tag menu in the document viewer. Keyboard shortcuts will only be assigned for the first 36 tags created (26 letters + 10 numerical digits).


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