Creating exhibit sets for motions

You’re tasked with organizing referenced exhibits for a brief that must be filed by midnight. Layer on the fact that you’re receiving an updated draft with new and renumbered exhibits every 15 minutes. Sound familiar?

By the end of this short tutorial, you will be able to:

  1. Add exhibits to a set, order, and reorder them as they appear in a brief.
  2. Download an organized, appropriate set of exhibits with cover sheets for filing with the court.

First, complete a search in DISCO to locate the relevant exhibits. Using the control option ‘Add to Exhibit Set’, create a new set titled anything you’d like, for example MSJ Response, and add your documents to the exhibit set.


Navigate to the exhibit set (PRESENT > Exhibit Sets). Click the Reorder Exhibits button to order the documents as they appear in the draft. 


As new documents come in, repeat the process and reorder the documents to match the brief. If there happens be an exhibit that is not in DISCO, add a placeholder. When the brief is completed, confirm the order of exhibits matches the brief add in a title/description for each exhibit. Make sure to select the appropriate document version.


When you are ready to download the set, click Create New Download. We suggest choosing to include an index, to produce as separate PDFs, and to include cover sheets.


Now you have a repository to efficiently organize exhibits for motions. 

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