Creating exhibit sets for trial

Getting your exhibits in order for trial tomorrow morning? Instead of the tedious work required to compile the set manually, by the end of this tutorial you will be able to:

  1. Add exhibits to a set and organize them.exhibit-add-by-bates.PNG
  2. Download an appropriately versioned set of exhibits and an index for sending to the opposition and a courtesy copy to the judge.

First, create a new exhibit set titled anything you’d like, for example “Trial Exhibits”, and add your documents to the exhibit set by entering the Bates Numbers as shown in the image above.

Once you’ve added your documents to the set, order the documents by Bates number. Also, pay attention to the labels and label accordingly. For example, are these a collection of plaintiff exhibits only? Defendant exhibits only? Or a combination of both? If more explanation is needed for each exhibit, add a title/description for easy reference within the index.


Make sure to use the specific document version.


When you are ready to download and print the set, click the New Download button. We suggest you download all as one PDF, do NOT include cover sheets, and choose to include the expanded index. Once the set is downloaded, manually adjust trial exhibit index columns to match rules for the court in which the trial will take place.


Now you have a repository to efficiently organize your exhibits for trial. 

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