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Searching in DISCO is similar to other database tools you may have used in the past, such as Westlaw and/or Lexis Nexis. Like these legal research databases, Disco uses Boolean search operators. We recommend you use this guide as a resource to reference these operators as well as the different search terms syntax available for use to filter or expand your search results. For a Search Desk Reference Guide to print and have at your desk,CLICK HERE.






&, and

Includes results with both terms or fields

contract & payment

Documents containing both contract and payment

(space), or

Includes results with either terms or fields

contract payment

Documents containing the word contract or payment

%, not

Excludes term or field from results

contract % payment

Searches for documents with contract but excludes all documents containing payment


Proximity search, searching within n words

contract /10 payment

Documents with contract and payment within ten words of each other (in any order)

“ ”

Exact phrase intended

“contract payment”

Documents containing the exact phrase “contract payment”


Truncation search or root expander


Searches for any term starting with contract, including contract, contracts, contractual, contracting, contracted


Wildcard search for single character


Searches for words that have one--but only one--character after contract, such as contracts, but not contracted, contractual or contract


Fuzzy or approximate word search


Searches for guaranty, guarantee, garantee, garanty, and similar (mis)spellings

( )

Grouping syntax

(failure & consideration) /20 (contract payment)

Documents must contain both failure and consideration and within twenty words the results must have either contract or payment

sample(n, search)

Random search for either n percent of results if n is less than one, or random n results if n is one or greater   

sample(.5, contract); sample (700, contract)

Randomly returns fifty percent and 700 of search results for contract, respectively 


Field searching (see below for standard DISCO fields)


Holcombe in the custodian field


Search queries (none are case sensitive) that do not specify a field (e.g., contract & payment) search document text, document notes, custodians, authors, subjects, to, from, cc, and bcc. Otherwise, searches can be directed to the following fields, included here with search examples:

Document Identification

Expression Parameter Type Example
batesnumber Text batesnumber(Enron000009)
id Entity ID  id(1200)
referenceid External Entity ID referenceid(245)
ingestsessions Entity ID ingestsessionid("IngestSessions/1")
productions Entity ID productionsproductions/2)

DISCO User Created Information

Expression Parameter Type Example
documentnote Text documentnote(important)
folder Text folder("Hot Documents")
privilegenote Text privilegenote("Legal Advice")
redactionreason Text redactionreason("Trade Secret")
stage Text stage("First Pass Review")
stagebatched reviewstageids({0}) where {0} is the id of the given stage name stageBatched("First Pass Review")
stagecomplete Text stagecomplete("Privilege Review")
tag Special tag(responsive)

Document Fields

Expression Parameter Type Example
author Text author(Jones)
bcc Text bcc(Frank)
cc Text cc(Thomas)
custodian Text custodian(Peterson)
custodianexact Text custodianexact("Andrew Lewis")
domain Text domain(
subject Text subject(meeting)
text Text text(Peter or angel)
to Text to(Smith)
recipient Text recipient(Jones)

Document Attributes

Expression Parameter Type Example
childcount Number childcount(2)
conversationcount Number  conversationcount(5)
filelength Number  filelength(25000)
filename Text filename(Agenda.pdf)
folderpath Text folderpath("/sent items")
pagecount Number  pagecount(1)
parentcount Number  parentcount(1)
path Text path("/Deleted Items/!")
textlength Number  textlength(3000000)
type  Text  type(word)


Dates can be searched by date certain (12/10/2015); month and year (9/2016); or year (2012).

date()* lastmodifieddate() senddate() familydate()
createdate() loaddate() receiveddate() alldates()
senddate() familydate()    
receiveddate() alldates()    

 * date() refers to sent date for email, or last modified date for any other file.


Use "to" to search for a range, for example: batesnumber(Enron000001 to Enron000101).

id( similarcount( parentcount(
batesnumber( childcount( instancecount(
conversationcount( filelength( date(
date(after...)* date(before...)*  

* All date searches have the additional range options to search before or after a date.  


Tagging decisions can also be searched by dates applied and users applying them, using the syntax below:




All documents tagged by

tag(responsive & by

Documents tagged responsive by

tag(non-responsive % by

Documents tagged non-responsive by someone other than

sample(10, tag(by

Ten random documents tagged by

tag(by & on 10/16/2015

Documents tagged by on 10/16/2015

tag(by & after 10/16/2015)

Documents tagged by after 10/16/2015

tag(responsive & by & before 10/16/2015)

Documents tagged responsive by before 10/16/2015


Any documents from which the responsive tag was removed by anyone


Any documents from which any tags were removed by


hasprivilege(true|false) true if document has at least one privilege tag
hasredaction(true|false) true if document is marked for redaction in DISCO
hasdocumentnote(true|false) true if document has a note
hasredactionreason(true|false) true if document has a reason for redaction
hasredactionwithoutreason(true|false) true if document is redacted without a stated reason
unfoldered(true|false) true if document is not in any folder

Printable version of DISCO's Search Quick Reference Guide found here!

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