Q: Do I need to produce the ingest exceptions report to the other side and get access to these password protected files?

You can if you so choose. To see a near-native version of password-protected documents in DISCO, you would need to get the passwords for each document, remove the existing, password-protected files, and ingest with unprotected versions for our system to make them usable files.

As is now, we have ingested them as natives only and they would be downloadable as such but that would still require the password to view them. As a result, we also would not be able to image/OCR the documents.

This is just a warning that we added the 'placeholder' for that file, but we weren't able to do our normal processing on it because of restricted access to the file. It is available as a native (which would still need a password) but we don't have any other versions we can offer for that.

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