Dealing with invalid dates

DISCO attributes dates to each document based on information provided in the load file or within the metadata of the document file. However, the dates given are sometimes incorrect and result in documents being displayed or sorted in the incorrect order in DISCO. 

What is an invalid date?

  • Any date before 1/1/1980, since this date is often the result of a Y2K bug that stamped documents incorrectly
  • Any date that matches the date the load file was processed
  • Any date that is in the future 

How DISCO handles an invalid date

If any date field is invalid, we produce the date as blank. When creating a production, you can choose to leave the field blank or use the date 12/31/9999 to indicate it is an invalid date.


DISCO handles invalid dates using the above process on new ingests on or after July 9, 2019.

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