Productions - Custom Loadfiles

To create a custom production in DISCO, begin by navigating to the top menu Create > Productions. From here, click “Create New”. Select which documents you would like to produce. Next, to create a custom loadfile format, navigate to Show Advanced Options > Load file format > Custom DAT. From here, you will see a select bar to choose which metadata you’d like to include in your loadfile.

Hover over the upper left corner to remove un-needed metadata. To edit the title of each column, click on the metadata box title and begin typing. NOTE: There are four, required loadfile fields that you may rename but you cannot remove:

  1. Beginning Bates Number (BEGBATES)
  2. Ending Bates Number (ENDBATES
  3. Beginning Attachment Number (BEGATTACH)
  4. Ending Attachment Number (ENDATTACH)

Lastly, drag-and-drop the blocks into your order preference. Review your choices. When you are ready to produce, click “Create”. A notification will be created. Once the production is ready for download, the notification bell will update. The creator of the production will also get an email alert when it has completed.

To customize other parts of your production, read "Production: advanced options".


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