How do I recover a deleted search?

If you run a search in DISCO and have removed the text of that search from the search bar need to recover that search, you can restore this search by clicking on "Search History" in the 'Search Builder'. Click into the search bar and you will see the "Search History" option in the middle.

When you click on the "Search History" function you will see your previously ran searches appear in a drop down box. Your most recent search will appear on the very top. In the picture shown above the most recently ran search was custodian("Andy Zipper") & type("Excel"). You may select any of your previously ran searches by clicking on them individually. 

***Please note the searches you are seeing in the "Search History" are the searches that only YOU have ran. You are not able to view searches anther user has ran.

However, if you decide to save a search as a "Saved Search" and delete the "Saved Search", there is unfortunately no way to recover the "Saved Search". (Please see article "How Can I Share My Work With A Colleague (Access Saved Search)?" on how to create "Saved Searches" and how to access "Saved Searches"). When viewing your list of "Saved Searches" you will notice a trash can icon to the right of each "Saved Search". If you wish to delete a "Saved Search" you will click on the trash can icon to the right of that "Saved Search". Again, use caution because once a "Saved Search" has been deleted, it is gone forever. 

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