Recovering an old search

If you run a search in DISCO, have removed the text of that search from the search bar, and need to recover that search, you can do so by restoring your search history. DISCO saves the last 75 searches you have run in your history. Click into the search bar and you will see the Search history option below. Select Search history.


When you click on the Search history function, you will see your previous searches in a dropdown menu. Your most recent search will appear on the very top and the older searches will appear in order below it. You can select any of your previous searches by clicking on them in the dropdown. 

You will only see the searches YOU have run in the history. You are not able to view searches that were run by another user unless they saved the search. If you delete a saved search, then the search cannot be recovered. It is gone forever.

For searches created using search visualization or filters, you will need to promote the search pills to the search bar for them to appear in your search history.



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