How to add stamps to documents in DISCO

You can add two kinds of stamps to documents in DISCO: Bates stamps and custom stamps, which are usually used for confidentiality stamps.

Bates stamps

Bates stamps are used to track specific pages in a document, or an entire electronic file that cannot be imaged to pages (e.g., a video file). This allows the attorneys to refer to Bates stamped pages when they are presenting the information to opposing counsel or in court. DISCO’s default Bates stamp methodology is below (though of course, you can change this to whatever you want):

  • Prefix = Name of matter or database (default)
  • Starting Number = 000001 (default)

*Note that the Bates stamps you apply here will also be the Bates numbers that will be added to the metadata.  As you can see here in the example below, "ENRONCURRENT000001" acts as both the Bates stamp and the Bates number:

As you can see in the picture above, "ENRONCURRENT000001" is the Bates stamp that was applied in this production. When you click on "Search for produced documents, DISCO will take you to view the document produced on the 'Review' page:

After you open the image you just produced you can see that "ENRONCURRENT000001" is both the Bates number applied in the metadata and is also the Bates stamp stamped onto the document. 

Custom stamps

Additional custom stamps are usually used to notate confidential documents, they but can be used to apply any textual stamp to documents with a certain tag. They appear in the lower left corner of all near-native documents within that production. Any number of additional stamps can be created for a production, and they will be stacked vertically.  

Image adjustment for stamps

Images will be adjusted to allow for multiple stamps on production, so that Bates or custom stamps applied during production do not overlap with other text or graphics on the page.


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