Rerunning a production

If you have already run a production on a certain group of documents and would like to add an additional set of bates numbers/stamps to the same group of documents you can simply run another production on that same group of documents. To easily access those documents you can go to the 'Productions' page and use the link to view the documents from the previous production you ran for that group of documents, as shown in the image below:

In the original production, the bates numbers/stamps that were assigned to the documents being produced were "ExampleA000001 - ExampleA000009":

You will then add additional bates numbers/stamps by running another production. You will first search for the produced documents from the previously ran production. You will then create your new production and when you go to 'Select Documents to Produce' choose the 'By Search History' option. In this second production, the bates numbers/stamps that were assigned to the documents were "ExampleB000010 - ExampleB000018":

Now that both productions have been created for the same documents, these documents will have both sets of bates numbers/stamps:

If you for some reason would now like for this set of documents to only have one set of bates numbers/stamps you could simply delete one of the productions. For example, if you wanted these documents to have the bates range of "ExampleA000001 - ExampleA000009" but NOT "ExampleB000010 - ExampleB000018", you would simply delete the second production created for these documents on the production page by clicking on the "trash can" icon.

Now these documents will only have "ExampleA000001 - ExampleA000009" as their bates numbers/stamps.

If you have any further questions on this, please feel free to contact DISCO support.


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