Navigating DISCO - What is an Outage?

Question: I received a notification when I logged into my matter that there will be an "outage". What is it?

Answer: Occasionally, we need to implement an outage in order to make changes to the software. These include releasing new features to you, pushing bug fixes and other maintenance items. Generally, we try to schedule these outages during off-peak and non-business hours. However, in case of an emergency, we may need to implement an outage during business hours, which should be extremely rare.

You will be notified of an outage ahead of time, usually 12 hours before the outage, via the in-app bell icon, allowing you enough time to save your work. At least one hour before the outage, logged in users will see a red notification bar that reminds them of the upcoming outage. Once the outage is in effect, all logged in users will be logged out automatically and will not be able to log back in until the outage has ended.

Once the outage has ended, users should be able to log back in and resume their work.

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