Top 10 Search Terms Used in DISCO

Based on analytics across DISCO users, here are the top 10 search terms and/or syntax:

Search Term Example Search Description
Tag tag("Hot") find all documents tagged "Hot"
Email Recipient recipient( Find all emails sent to
DISCO ID id(1234) Find document with the randomly assigned DISCO ID 1234
Ingest Session ID IngestSessionId("IngestSessions/1") Find all documents ingested during ingest session 1
Custodian custodian("Andy Zipper") Find all documents ingested from custodian Andy Zipper
Document Type type(word) Find all word documents
Responsive Tag tag("Responsive") Find all documents tagged "Responsive"
Date date(after 11/01/2010) Find all documents with a sent date (email) or a last modified date (non-emails) after 11/01/2010
Bates number batesnumber(Enron 000367) Find document with the Bates number Enron 000367
Email Subject subject("Re: contract pending") Find all emails with the subject "Re contract pending". Note, when searching documents, the punctuation, such as the colon in the original subject line here, is removed.


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