Data - Can a copy of a DISCO matter be made?

Question: Can a firm take a data set currently in DISCO and create their own database from this exact data set without transferring any work-product?  For example, our co-counsel wants to take this exact same data set and put it into their own database and then come on board as a new Disco client. They don't want to transfer over any work product (notes, tags redactions, productions, etc).

Is this easy for us to set up for them?

Answer: Cloning the database would bring in all the work-product. We could do a full re-ingest to effectively recreate the matter which wouldn't take a really long time for 16GB but we would still be at the mercy of any overlays or changes they have made since ingestion.

I would estimate about a full day to 2 day turnaround on this if all goes well.

If they want it, add a contract/new data form and we'll make it happen ASAP.

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