Q: Can a firm take a data set currently in DISCO and create their own database from this exact data set without transferring any work-product?

Question: I met with a new firm yesterday (Doherty & Wagner) who are working on the same matter as Zimmerman Axelrod, a current customer. The matter is in our database right now called 'Zieben' and is about 16GB. They're wanting to take this exact same data set and put it into their own database and then come on board as a new Disco client. They don't want to transfer over any of Zimmerman's work (notes, tags redactions, productions, etc).

Is this easy for us to set up for them?

Answer: Cloning the database would bring in all the work-product. We could do a full re-ingest to effectively recreate the matter which wouldn't take a really long time for 16GB but we would still be at the mercy of any overlays or changes they have made since ingestion.

I would estimate about a full day to 2 day turnaround on this if all goes well.

If they want it, add a contract/new data form and we'll make it happen ASAP.

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