Document Review - What are the best practices for foreign language review in DISCO?

Question: Just wanted to get confirmation on how we communicate best practices for foreign language review in DISCO.

My understanding is DISCO supports foreign character searching and the creation of foreign characters as tags. Awhile ago when I talked to Brandon, our recommendation was that any documents in a foreign language be reviewed by someone who spoke/read that language

(e.g. DISCO doesn't translate documents in-house, into English or any other language)

Is this correct?

Answer: I have been able to search foreign characters (mainly Chinese) in DISCO using copy/paste with a fairly high degree of accuracy. The same goes for tag creation and searching using those characters. Given that I don't currently have the means/knowledge to type in other languages, my best guess is that typing would have the same effect as copy/paste and would be functional.

We do not translate them. The only translation solution would be to have them provide us with either the OCR text or a new image for overlay that has the converted language.

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