How to Archive Your Database (V3)

NOTE: If your DISCO URL does NOT starts with "" please read the "How To Archive Your Database (V2)".

  1. Run a search for (just the asterisk) and then save that search by clicking on Save Search. This will create a search that includes all documents. 
  2. Download the Search Results Index for the search "*".
  3. Click on the top menu Create > Productions > Create New.
  4. Choose to produce By Saved Search. In the dropdown, select the search you created in the first step.
  5. For Bates Prefix, choose any prefix you'd like (e.g., MatterArchive). The files will be named with this Bates prefix.
  6. For Bates Starting Number you can just enter 1 or any starting number you'd like.
  7. Click Show Advanced Options.
  8. For Production Format, choose Native with Slipsheet (unless redacted).
  9. Clear all document types from Produce as Natives with Slipsheet (unless redacted)
  10. For Load File Format choose 'Custom DAT...'. Next click on 'Select metadata to include' and choose 'Select all fields'
  11. For Deduplication Level, choose No deduplication.
  12. Sort By can be any value you like.
  13. Starting Volume Label and Volume Break should be set to none.
  14. Finally, check the boxes for Do not apply bates stamps to images & Omit redactions.
  15. Click Create and download to a safe place when the production has finished.
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