Review Stages - When a reviewer uses the "Next Available" option to check out a batch, how is that batch pulled?

Answer: In Review Stages, the batch is pulled or materialized, it is based on the group ranking and the sort order defined for that batch. So the documents will be pulled from the next highest ranking group with un-reviewed documents, in the defined sort order. Furthermore, within a given group, we give precedence in the following order:

  1. Any checked in batches that have zero docs reviewed
  2. New batch
  3. Any checked in batches that have been partially reviewed

When you check out a batch, DISCO uses "just in time batching" which means all of the documents that may be sitting in a stage are not put into batches until the moment a reviewer requests them. This means any change in strategy in your review does not revolve around lots of deconstruction of batches that have not yet been reviewed. 

To make sure that all family members are included in a batch, when setting up the stage, turn the toggle "keep families together" on. To make sure all parts of a conversation are included in a batch, turn the toggle "Keep conversations together" on.



 *IMPORTANT NOTE: For matters created BEFORE 02/07/17, a document enters "stage complete" after being marked 'Reviewed', regardless if the document was checked back in or still checked out within its batch. For matters created ON or AFTER 0207/2017, a document will enter "stage complete" ONLY IF the document has been marked 'Reviewed' and is currently in a batch that is checked in.

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