Data Transfer - What are the requirements for setting up a new FTP account?

Question: Support:

Can you please create a direct FTP link for my client? Below is the record for the office and the contact:

Office: [Office link here]

Contact: [Contact link here]

They have matter they want to send right away so any assistance in expedited this would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: We are switching over to matter specific ftps as that will speed up the ingestion process. If you can provide the name of the matter or have them fill out a new data ticket, I can give them direct upload access to the matter.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Question: So I need to get their agreement in first, right? Then they can send a New Data Form and then we send them an FTP that how it goes?

Answer: Yes, due to the nature of our new AWS environment, we have decided to switch over to matter specific FTPs, which will require a creation of a new matter before they can access the FTP. This saves the customer a lot of time as the pre ingest phase is significantly cut down.

Question: But a new agreement is needed; first time client?

After that is signed I should have them fill out the New Data Form and the link will be sent to the client to upload data?...sounds like a better process to me.

Answer: Exactly. An agreement is required before anything can start.

Question: A signed agreement for my client is attached as well as added to the SFDC account. I have sent the client an New Data Form link and told her a client specific FTP will be sent soon after we received the form.

Thanks for your help!

Answer: Thanks for the heads up. We have received the new data form and we have sent her the FTP credentials.

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