Productions - How does DISCO treat documents with multiple bates stamps?

Question: If the same document is produced by multiple parties, why does the Bates number column takes on a “stream of consciousness” look?

Answer: The "search results" list is populated by ingest date and doesn't actually sort alpha-numerically. So, it will show the first bates number ingested/produced, then the next and so on. This is by design because the system is ordering them chronologically by instance ID. The system expects that you would want document search results in the order of when they were ingested. 

Question: Also, in Bates number stream of consciousness, there is a limited number of characters in the field available. Some entries are truncated and the only way to ascertain all the Bates numbers is to open the document and check the metadata field.

Answer: This Bates number field is bound by a character limit that gives you the ellipses (...) for 'missing' items. The workaround to this is that you can hover over the information and it tells you all values that are present. 

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