Release for December 18, 2015: Workflow metrics for people

As part of DISCO's Review Stages feature, we display Metrics for your Review Stage. "People" is a specific type of Metrics accessible by going to Manage Review Stages » [Your Review Stage] » Metrics » People.

The People metrics for a given Review Stage allow you to easily see how your team of reviewers is performing in terms of their pace of reviewing docs as well as their tagging behavior for specific tags.

Here is an explanation of the People data that is displayed for a given Review Stage:

Reviewer Pace chart:

  • This chart plots out how many documents each reviewer has reviewed in this stage on each day (review pace).
  • You can select which reviewers' data you would like to be displayed by clicking on the 'Add' button. You can also choose to display all "Recent Outliers", which is defined by anyone whose review pace fell outside the Normal Range over the past 7 days.
  • Any reviewer whose pace is outside the Normal Range is considered outlier, implying that their review pace is significantly higher or lower than their peers on a given day.
  • You can also see the median review pace for each day plotted on the chart.
  • You can toggle the weekends and holidays in case you had reviewers working during those times. The holidays are preset to the standard United States federal holiday calendar.

Tag Rates by Reviewer:

  • This chart shows the tagging rate of each reviewer for each tag. For example, it might tell you that of all the docs marked reviewed by Reviewer A in this stage, 84% of them had the Responsive tag applied.
  • If you choose to take corrective action by re-tagging these docs, this 84% number will update to reflect the current tag rate.
  • If a reviewer is a significant outlier, you will see their data highlighted in orange.
  • The chart also shows you the median tag rate for a given tag allowing you to easily see what the norm might look like.
  • You can view a table view of this chart as well.

Please Note: this feature is available to new databases only created on or after 12/18/2015.

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