Q: How to search for instance ID?

In DISCO, instance ID is stored on the Ingest Report. For each ingestion run, the system generates an ingest report. Within the ingest report, the exception report (what the utility could not correctly ingest, such as unknown file types or password protected files) is also included. ALL data gets into DISCO, even if it is listed on the exception report.  From the admin “reports” menu, it shows you how many ingests have been completed thus far in your database (upper right-hand corner of the screen). After clicking on the button “ingest reports”, the results grid displays when the ingest report download was completed (T minus time elapsed), the session type (all, meaning a report of all data ingest from beginning of time to when that report was run), and a checkbox where you may choose to view the entire ingest report or show only errors (exceptions report). When you download an ingest report, it opens in .xlsx format. The columns include: instance id, instance hash, deduplication hash, ingest time, custodian, disposition, file length, file path, container path, and issues

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