Turning Off Tag Propagation

Tagging Individual Documents

When you are tagging a single document and this document has a child (or children) document(s), the child (children) will automatically be tagged as well. 

As you see in the picture below, the individual document being reviewed is being given the tag "Responsive," therefore, the attachment ("1-29act.xls") will also be tagged "Responsive".

Turning off propagation - If this setting is not ideal for your DISCO matter, please contact DISCO support to discuss your options about turning off propagating tags to children documents automatically when tagging individual documents. 

Tagging Multiple Documents (Mass Tag)

When running a mass tag, children are automatically included. 

You can simply uncheck the box next to "their attachments" to ensure the tag you're applying to parent documents do not propagate to their child/children.

*Please note, this information holds true for all matters created before 12/06/2016. For matters created on or after 12/06/16, please read Tag Propagation.

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