Release for December 18, 2015: Workflow metrics for pace

As part of DISCO's Review Stages feature, we display Metrics for your Review Stage. "Pace" is a specific type of Metrics accessible by going to Manage Review Stages » [Your Review Stage] » Metrics » Pace.

Here you will be able to see your teams recent review pace, as well as the median pace of the active reviewers. Based on this and the number of documents yet to be reviewing in this stage, you'll be able to see an estimated completion date.

Here is an explanation of the Pace data that is displayed for a given Review Stage:

Estimated Completion date:

  • The Estimated Completion date is there to give you an idea of how long it may take to complete the review given your team's most recent performance. It should be used as guidance, and not as an absolute, in helping you inform business decisions.
  • This is calculated based on the recent Active Team Pace (see below for how this is calculated) and the number of unreviewed docs remaining in the Review Stage.
  • You can toggle the 'Working Weekends' and 'Working Holidays' options which will adjust the completion date by considering them are working days. By default we assume the team will not be working weekends and holidays.
  • The holidays are preset to the standard United States federal holiday calendar.

Recent Pace - Active Team Pace:

  • This is the median of overall document review pace of the entire stage over the past 7 days, excluding any obvious outliers.
  • As your team's pace changes, because of things like staffing levels or document complexity, the Active Team Pace will take it into account as part of the last 7 day calculations.

Recent Pace - Active Reviewer Pace:

  • This is the median of all the individual reviewers' review pace over the past 7 days, excluding any obvious outliers.
  • Excluding the outliers accounts for abnormal review pace, such as someone reviewing a handful of docs over the weekend or working only half a day.


  • This chart displays the number of documents remaining to be reviewed each day, as well as the estimated completion date.
  • As documents are added or removed from the Review Stage's source query, it will get reflected here.
  • You can click on the chart to see the details for a given day: number of docs reviewed, docs remaining, docs added/removed and active reviewers.

Please Note: this feature will be available for new databases only created on or after 12/18/2015.



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