Deduplication in productions

Upon production you have the option to split deduplicated documents out again on production (into separately Bates stamped images/files) in several ways.

These options run on a spectrum from getting the most number of documents in the production (No deduplication - meaning produce exactly in the way and number the duplicate documents were ingested into DISCO) to the fewest (One copy for the entire production - meaning produce only one copy of each set of duplicated documents, no matter how many duplicates there were).

The default option - one copy per custodian and per parent - is the most common option, guaranteeing that at least one copy of a duplicated document will be produced for each custodian, and one copy of each email attachment will be produced for each email that duplicate was attached to.

  1. No deduplication
  2. One copy per custodian and per parent (default)
  3. One copy per parent across custodians
  4. One copy per custodian
  5. One copy for the entire production

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