Release for February 15, 2015: Folders

New databases after 02/15/2016 will have folders as a way to organize documents.

Create and Manage Folders

DISCO administrators can create as many top-level folders as they desire. Navigate to the top menu Manage > Folders. From here, you can create a folder structure up to four levels deep. DISCO allows up to 400 subfolders total beneath a top level parent. Be aware, that if you delete a parent, it will also delete its sub-folders. Top note, documents within these deleted folders are not deleted, just divorced from their folder relationship.

Add Documents to Folders

Any administrator or document reviewer can add documents to a folder, or remove documents from a folder via the search results screen or the document viewer screen. To note, you can store a document in multiple folders, as well as in the parent folder as well as in child folders.

Add En Masse

To add a document en masse, run  a search. Select some (or select all by default) documents. Then use the mass action option to add these documents to a folder, just as you would mass tag a document.

Add an Individual Document

To add an individual document to a folder or folders, navigate to the document viewer. On the left sidebar, click "Folder".

From here add or remove the document from any folder. If you take the document out of the parent folder and a green outline remains, this indicates the document is stored in one of the sub-folders, but not in the parent folder. Your documents will automatically save once added into the desired folder.

Search by Folder

There are two ways to search and filter documents based on folders. First, from the search screen, click on the Folder structure icon to the left of the search bar. From here, navigate documents within your folder structure by clicking on a folder name. This will add a filter to your search criteria, showing you by default that folder's contents as well as any contents of sub-folders within. You may un-check the check box above titled "XXXXX" to only show the contents of a particular folder and not it's children.

Next, you may also use the following search syntax to search your Disco folders:

folder("name of your folder goes here")

To search within a sub-folder, use a forward slash to indicate the indentation of each folder level. For example

folder("wine/red/fruity dry red")

would search documents within the sub-sub folder titled "fruity dry red". 

Use a Folder as a Source for Stages

To add a folder as a source in your Workflow Stage, use the search syntax folder("name of your folder goes here").


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