Review database statistics

The Statistics screen allows you to view database discovery progress at a glance. To reach the Statistics screen, on the DISCO home page, in the main menu, click Statistics.


In the table on the Statistics page, each row has clickable results that will take you to the search results for each given item.


  1. Documents Tagged
    The total number of documents tagged at least once
  2. Pages Tagged
    The total number of pages tagged at least once
  3. Details
    A grid which shows the results for a particular area
  4. Tag stats
    Gives you columns of documents and pages tagged (that is, the action of tagging, not the number of tags applied)
  5. User stats
    The action of tagging completed per user (not number of tags)
  6. Document type stats
    Number of documents in the system, organized by type
  7. Custodian stats
    Total number of document in the system, organized in descending order by custodian
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